Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Sigh

I really suck at this!

Gee, when I last posted I had promised to go to a WW meeting the next day. Well, my bad. There wasn't a meeting the next morning, I had to go the morning after. Which I did. And I showed a most impressive (NOT) loss of exactly 1/2 pound. Sigh.

But did that spur me on? Absolutely not! Instead, I left for California the next day. I didn't do too badly when I was there, and I think only ate out once. Upon my return last week I got all goofed up on my days and never did make it to a meeting.

During school I complain about never having time for anything. Now I should have the time, but it seems I never do! I don't know what happens to it! I just want time, in the house, completely alone. Even when I think I will have this time, something happens to it. For example, last Thursday I arranged to take Andy to the babysitter at 8:30 in the morning so that I could make it to my 10:00 acupuncture appointment. That meant I should be home by noon and have the entire rest of the day to myself. Sounded like the perfect plan, right? Nope. Brian decided to take the day off. So sure, it was nice getting to spend some alone time with him, but I didn't get the alone time with me.

I just need to figure out how to do stuff when others are in the house demanding of my time and attention.

What do I need this time for? Well, for starters I need to actually read through all my WW stuff. Not that I don't have an idea of what it says, but I need to spend time with it. I have planning to do . . . .

I didn't mean to turn this into a negative rant, but I guess that since I'm here I need to acknowledge it before I can just move on. I'm just so completely disgusted by the fact that I haven't just gotten my shit together over the past few weeks. I only have 3 weeks until the whirlwind of the new school year starts and that just throws me into a panic. I so can't have the kind of year I had last year!

OK, I need to just take a deep breath here. It's almost time for lunch. I need to get dressed (yes, I'm still in my jammies). By then Andy will be awake (I can hear him stirring now) after a way too short nap. Then it's lunch time. He'll have a bottle and some mac and cheese and grapes. I'll have some WW tortellini soup that I made yesterday (just 4 points!). Then we'll run our afternoon errands and hopefully get so exhausted that Andy will nap when we get home and I can have some precious time.

How do you get yourselves started and stay on track?


  1. It is pretty hard to get started and stay on track. One thing that is really challenging for me is that my husband has never in his life had a weight issue, so he just doesn't really get it. Maybe since Brian has a weight loss goal also, he will be more understanding. I'd make a list of things that get in the way of your success and then share it with him to see what ideas he has to overcome these things.

    Don't get down on yourself about the 1/2 pound loss. It's going in the right direction! Going slowly is the best way to lose weight anyway if you really want to keep it off. If you consistently lost a half pound every week, then next summer you'd be 25 pounds lighter and 2 dress sizes smaller! Stay with it!

  2. I find that I need to go all in for it to work for me. I can't even slack a little. If I give myself that option, I fall off the wagon. I have to be either completely on or forget it.