Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maybe I'm Really Getting Going?

So now I have a whopping 2 days in a row of gym attendance under my belt. It's a start, right?

Nicole, if you are still reading, you are awesome in your dedication to the gym and quite an inspiration. In fact, knowing that you are now 5K wise, do you have plans to do the Dana Point Turkey Trot? I do, since we will be in OC for Thanksgiving this year!

I've been doing much better with sticking to my points the past couple of days as well. My efforts have also led to me having a bit less anxiety . . . go figure!

Today I was in a rush to leave the house to go to my acupuncture appointment, but I still needed to have lunch. My lunch was even planned. However, when I was ready to assemble my lunch I found that all of the salad mixes were too old to be edible and my strawberries weren't looking to lively. I quickly made use of a pretty new head of iceberg, which isn't my favorite for salads and I was able to salvage some strawberry slices.

Look at my salad!

Besides the lettuce and strawberries it also had grilled chicken (courtesy of the frozen food section of Trader Joes, and pre-cooked no less!), feta, and walnuts. I also made a really tasty dressing for it. Yum! You've all pretty much seen me in action . . . . I'm really not so much a salad girl. I need (read: WANT) my carbs with every meal. This salad was so wonderful that while I was out today I got fresh strawberries and salad mix so that I am better prepared for tomorrow.

Anyhow, I finally did make it to my acupuncture appointment. Usually my pulses are "deep" and "tight" which in TCM generally means that I am a stressed out basket case. But today? They were "warm" and "shallow" but very strong, indicating that I am pretty balanced. Also, he feels that I will be ovulating soon, not that I asked.

Bottom line . . . I'm feeling pretty good!

Tara and Stacy, thanks so much for your support and helpful tips, I really appreciate it!

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  1. Well Chirs I am reading this ....thanks for the shout out! I find that when I hit the gym on a routine it is easier....I am plugging along. I would be up for the Turkey Trot....will look into it today! Keep up the good work.....I am proud of you....that salad looks yummy!