Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small Steps

Well, yesterday did get a bit better. I followed thru on my lunch plan and didn't stray one little bit. In the afternoon I took Andy over to the gym and got him signed up for child care. He also spent a bit of time playing, or, in reality, being manhandled by the bigger kids. When Brian got home we had dinner well within points for everyone. In fact, later in the evening when Brian offered me dessert I turned it down. He was amazed.

I've made no secret of trying to get a better handle on my anxiety issues this summer. While a good deal of it is caused by the effects of long-term stress (and yes, even the good stuff. stress is stress.) there is another cause as well. To be completely honest, my weight is probably more a cause of my anxiety than I like to admit. I think yesterday was the first day I was really willing to admit this to myself. I think that by admitting it maybe I'll have an easier time of remembering why I'm doing this.

Last night after we put Andy to bed we went swimming in the pool. While floating around relaxing I shared with Brian what I think about the anxiety/weight connection. That alone took a huge load off! Here's an example . . . I checked my blood pressure after cleaning up after dinner. It was 129/79. I checked it again after my shower following swimming . . . it was 118/59. That's a huge swing!

It looks like we'll be staying in today. Andy has had a cough for weeks and weeks (the doctor poo-pooed it) and today he has buckets of snot. It figures . . . I finally get him signed up for child care at the gym and now he is in no shape to go!

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