Wednesday, June 10, 2009


OK, I have three choices for how I can choose to do the Weight Watcher program:
  1. I can attend traditional meetings. This would be nice because of the face-to-face accountability and since it is summer I really do have time to do this.
  2. I can do the online version. This would be nice because I can do it in my jammies and be lazy and not have to drive anywhere.
  3. I can just do it on my own with the materials I already have. This would be nice because I could save my hard earned cash. However, it also holds me much less accountable.

I haven't made a decision at all yet. My excuse has been that I haven't scoped out the availability of in-person meetings. However, even I know that that's a bunch of crap. I'm really just delaying the inevitable, as I have been for almost the past year.

In the meantime, Brian is doing the on-line version and has turned into a complete WW nazi in our home. He even bought a new scale on Sunday, the WW one, that measures to the tenth of a pound. He has been counting points religiously. Me? I say, meh, and eat the meals he fixes for me, all the while pining for ice cream. I will say that I have lost a pound and a half since he started this on Sunday.

So, since I know that the time is here for me to stop making excuses, I will get online and scope out the in-person meetings and make a decision. So, by tomorrow I will have a decision. As for today, I did make it to the store to restock my vitamins and supplements. At least it's something.

By the end of the week I do hope to add to this blog some links to my favorite WW blogs and the site itself so that resources can be in one handy place. I'll eventually add some tickers to track my progress. Oh, I'll also be sharing some of the new recipes we are using, both the good and the back. So, stick around . . . I'm glad to have the company!


  1. I would think it woulod be so much better to actually go to the face to face. I know for me the accountability is a must! It sure helps that Brian is on track with you. Since Josh and I are both working on it I have been much more successful!

  2. Congratulations on being proactive and taking control of your health and happiness!

    I found your first post very interesting (about the shame.) I am the exact opposite. When I joined WW, I told everyone in the world about it. But infertility was a deep, dark secret that I felt so ashamed to admit. Maybe because weight control seems a commonplace problem, but infertility was something that I felt like only affected me. Everyone else seemed to have no trouble getting pregnant.

    As far as the meetings, I personally love them! Like a mini support group, along with great ideas for recipes... and rewards that you as a teacher could appreciate! Stickers, ribbons, etc to mark your progress. But your enjoyment of the meeting will be largely determined by the leader (the members come and go) So I'd recommend attending several meetings at different times until you find a leader who truly inspires and motivates you. BTW, a lot of people bring their babies to the meetings and they are completely cool with that. Good luck!