Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slow to Start

Well I sure can't be accused of jumping into things this time! As promised, though, I did make a decision. I will be attending live and in person WW meetings, at least for the remainder of summer vacation. I think this may suite my style best . . . giving me more accountability and a more social environment, even though I don't like being social at such places. Weird, huh?

I will also be starting on Monday morning, at 9:30. The location is about a 20 mile drive for me, but it is an actual WW center (not a church or hotel with 1 or 2 meetings a week) that has daily meetings offered at several times. This way I won't have an excuse to miss a week if something comes up during my regular time. I'm the all time master of making excuses so I really have to make this as fool proof as possible for me. And Tara, I really like your idea of checking out different meetings to find a good meeting.

Brian has been doing really well since starting the online version of WW. He counts all of his points and plans his menus (and mine too). However, I haven't been counting points so he has really been getting frustrated with me. Finally, yesterday we had it out. As in a discussion. Which I hate. I'm the queen of avoidance as well. I just finally had to tell him to give me my space and let me do things in my own time. I've done nothing to hold him back. I told him that for a few days he just has to be happy with me making better choices.

On Thursday I went to acupuncture again. As always, it was great, but I still have a ways to go until my stress and anxiety is under control. Apparently my pulses are deep "deep and tight" which, in Chinese medicine, means that I'm stressed and anxious. Duh. We are adding some guided meditations to help with this as well.

My next step is to get to the gym and get Andy signed up for child care. I have a feeling I'm going to like this . . .

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